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Goodbye Sticky, hello new comic and schedule. (plus some rambling!)


***If you do not wish to wade through a long rambling post, scroll down to the last paragraph!***

Today ends my daily posts. It's been eight or nine days, and it was good while it lasted! There are many reasons for this, but it all pretty much boils down to time. I knew I was going to be posting Sticky for awhile, just as a way to catch up and justify the existence of a Keenspace account. However, I wanted to do it as fast as possible, after all, as my good friend Joe once said to me, "Bob, why the hell are you drawing a stick man!?" I realize that there are plenty of people out there who will completely pass over a comic because it features a stick man character. I didn't want to take a weekly schedule while posting Sticky's comics, because it would be far too much to ask a new potential audience to wait a week for a silly stick man comic I haven't worked on in about two years. It is sad to me that there is so much stick bigotry out there though, because one of my all-time favorite comics is probably considered a stick-person comic. Admittedly, it was around long before the stick fad, and even now well transcends the genre in both art and the capability of the storytelling. You rock, Turbo!

So you know, there were many reasons why I was drawing a stick man even though I can draw better than that (which also seems to confuse and piss off critics). First off, he was an old character that I wanted to drag out of my archives and put through his paces. I never felt bad for killing him off, since he was made of single lines and circles. Plus, being lines and circles, it was really quick to do! I could bust out an entire page of Sticky in the course of an hour, ink and all! Not to mention, Sticky strips were plain ol' fun to do. It was a rambling story with no plot or point, so it was fun to try to puzzle out what would come in the next page. I used it to better hone my skills at producing a good narrative in comic format. I needed to work fast in order to learn fast, and thus I used Sticky. Without Sticky's help, I daresay that I wouldn't be at the level I feel I'm at now, and for that I'm grateful to the little guy and want to pay proper respect to him. Plus, I like Sticky, and think it's not a bad piece of narrative on its own. A bit dry, and not at all controversial, but it can't all be great! Fair is good enough for me.

Anyway, as of Friday I will start posting a story called Big World. This story, and most all those after it will have been drawn or re-drawn quite recently. I'm still in the process of tightening the pencils and inking Big World itself. So far, so good, but my drawing style is not exactly fast. Drawing all that cross-hatching takes time! I figure that I can safely get out two or three quality pages a week, given that I'll be working part-time and drumming up whatever paying freelance crap I can get, in addition to taking my time on drawing each page right. However, so that I don't promise myself into a corner, I'll only be posting a page a week. That way, I can get a nice backlog of pages to put out on a regular schedule, and not have to worry about doing any filler or cheap posts like that.

The first "issue" of Big World is twenty pages long, which will be spread out over the span of twenty weeks (fear my math skills!). My hopes are that I'll be done re-drawing and inking those pages within a few weeks, and I can move on to other projects that will come after this arc. Two Dollar Matinee IS an anthology, after all. (the word 'anthology' being Greek for "that's not filler, really!") There are other reasons for spanning this out over so much time, which are much more dastardly, but we'll slaughter that cash-cow when we come to it.

I'm pretty damned happy with the way Big World is coming out! I'd finished the rough draft of it over the course of three days several months ago. Everything just clicked, and it became the culmination of several storylines and characters that were floating around in my troubled mind. It was just right to put it all down on the page, finally. In fact, Big World is very much the prime example of what I want to do with Two Dollar Matinee. Namely, I really want to disgorge all of the accumulated stories that have been living in my mind for many many years. Some of these guys have been around in one form or another since I was in junior high school! However, I want to do this on a timely basis, like say over the next five years. That way, I can proceed to the couple of truly serious projects that have been waiting patiently to be done, but have had to vie for attention with all of the other noise in my head. Mind you, I think that everything I've got to do is serious! Otherwise, I wouldn't be devoting the next five years of my life to the likes of Frank & Vern, Captain Damnit, or Lewis in Space.

At any rate, if I really buckle down and get done what I want to do, I'll be moving on to more serious and long-term projects well before I'm 30, and then Two Dollar Matinee will be running at the same time as my other work! It'll be like duel realities! Spoooky!

Oh, well. I'm like a frikken lemur. And now, like the villain in a bad thriller, I've revealed my plans for world dominion! Mwa-ha-ha! Sorry for the rant. I'll be posting another in a few days, too!

To recap, Sticky gone for awhile (working on collecting an issue worth of his strips and printing it all up, for anyone who actually has a fondness for him) Big World debuts Friday, with a weekly schedule updating on Friday 12am from now on. The rest is unimportant to your immediate life...
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