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So, hey, first of all, I'm back. Considering there's two people on this thing's friends list, and I know both of them, you probably know that. However, I thought it might be nice to keep this silly little journal alive, considering it's attached to the $2 Matinee main page and all. Yellowstone was a blast, and I came away from it with A LOT of inspirational material.

So, what's new? Well, I'll tell you. I've decided to take this webcomic thing more seriously now. I've got so much material floating around my head that if I don't start expelling it soon, I'm liable to form a tumor from unspent creativity. So, that means giving equal time to both print and web projects. After all, the web affords plenty of things that print just doesn't. For instance, the opportunity for community input! Of course, I have received no community input whatsoever yet. Also, it affords me the opportunity to work in color. I'm actually lukewarm on that opportunity, but I figure that if I'm on the web, I'd might as well play by web rules. That means landscape orientation of strips, and color. Digital color. I'm hoping I grow to enjoy it, but for now I'm out of my comfort zone.

I've already earmarked several projects for web-exclusivity. I've also already drawn seven weeks' worth of stuff. Most of it still needs to be colored, but at least it's there! I'm only uploading a page a week for now. If I get ahead by a lot of pages, however, there's the possibility that frequency could upshift. However, since I plan to simultaneously work on strictly print projects, I doubt I'll ever get that far ahead of schedule.

Speaking of print, I went out and bought myself a lazer printer! It's black and white, because I'm cheap, but it is very awesome! It inspires within me the drive to create and publish things that can be printed in black and white. So, I think I will follow that inspiration. I can certainly print things like greeting cards and postcards, and digest-sized zine thingies. So, I think I will. And small prints, too.

You see, I've coveted a lazer printer since the day they utilized lazers to print things. And now that I own one, I hope very much to use it to its fullest extent until it irreparably breaks down. And so, I think I will

That's about it for now! I'll keep you posted as things progress. My mind is a-brewin' with a lot of stuff right now. Six months away from society is actually a VERY GOOD THING!
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