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I've been having problems with the upload process recently. Last week's comic had been uploaded for weeks, but for some reason didn't update. I tried re-uploading it several times this week, but it moved from the "comics" section, to the HTML section. This is why I have a distaste for protocals that automatically do things for you. Sure, when things are working, it means less time spent for me, but if things aren't working, I don't have the facilities to figure out what's wrong and fix it. It's not my server, and I'm not a programmer.

Anyway, there WAS an update last Sunday. It just never UPDATED. I've taken it as an opportunity to re-compress the file with ACDSee, which is the best program I own for resizing files quickly and prettily. I'll take the few extra KB if it looks pretty, and it does. Much better than when I was resizing with Gimp and PSP. PSP really blows when it comes to resizing without pixellation, at least in my experience.

The schedule shall resume on Sunday, the regular date and time. Sorry for the technical difficulties.


Okay, so it seems that Keenspace crashed on the 13th, which is when the last comic was supposed to update. Don't have any idea how I would have missed news of the crash. Well, yes I do, but that's immaterial. It also seems that the crash has affected my guide pages and whatnot. That's pretty lame, too, because I now have to re-do it all. Whateva...
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