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Well, maybe the word 'hiatus' is a bit of a strong word to use, because it's not like that. Actually, I'm just taking some time to do many things, both personal and site related, in order to get my shit together. Yeah, yeah, a page a week shouldn't be a huge thing to get done, but I can now tell you from experience that a week passes quickly, especially when you take as much time on a single page as I do.

So here's the deal. I've got a lot I need to do, because I'm going to be renting a table at Seattle's Emerald City ComiCon in February. I'm working hard on Big World right now. The thing is, the entire comic is set up to be finished by Christmas, so I can move onto at least one more project before I take the trip to Seattle. I'd just rather go at this my own way, which sometimes means doing pages out of sequence. For instance, page four is a beyotch. Ten panels. What was I thinking? If I were to get ten or fifteen pages done before I started posting again, it would allow me some leeway on what I work on, and when.

Even though this is a comic which I'm posting on the web, I'm not actually approaching it as a 'webcomic' per se. It is a comic book, which I will be publishing. That's true for all of my work. I consider myself a small presser, not a web presser. I always have, and probably always will. Sticking to a webcomic type of schedule is hard for me, and the only way I could do it with any sort of success is to finish a body of work before posting. I should have thought of this before posting all of my old stuff on a daily basis early on. I should have given myself more time to get more Big World material finished, and I should definitely have posted more one-strip comics before I'd started posting Big World. I'm just so excited about working on this project and showing it off, along with all of the projects that come after it. I've always had a hard time maintaining my focus and seeing my projects through the end, and it feels good that I'm this far into my work on Big World. My excitement to show it off was a bit pre-mature, but I'm determined to keep my schedules on this one. It would be a shame if I'd let myself sabotage my own efforts.

I'd never really planned on promoting my work, or the website I seem to have re-created to showcase my work, until the new year, giving myself a few months to get back into the whole website upkeep thing. I realize that this might be alienating to any new readers I may have lurking around. Rest assured, however, I'm just trying to get all of the slow updates, false starts, low content, and other such quality issues behind me up front and early on, so that I can be counted upon for quality work and regular updates down the road. I'm thinking long-term here. So, again, I hope you bear with me. If I don't start putting up weekly content by January, you have my permission to call me out.

I'm sorry I'm so lame.
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